About Us

Made In Heaven

Here at Haven'Tea, all our beverages are made with love and affection. All our pearls are freshly made with pure Tapioca, fresh extracts from the cassava roots from Nigeria. Our teas are freshly brewed Thai loose tea and are refrigerated to a cool temperature before it is topped with evaporated milk and served chilled with ice.

Capture your moments

Here at Haven’Tea, we not only provide you with refreshing and smooth bubble tea that leaves you with an after taste wanting more. We also help you to remember your special moments no matter the occasion, be it a date, a friend outing, or a casual encounter to buying a drink. We ensure that our bubble tea will leave you smiling with glee, and help you relive those moments every single time.

The Good Old Days

Remember taking your first sip of apple juice from the kid’s juice bottle? Or that one time where you drank yakult from a straw? Or even that one time where you drank Yeo’s canned drinks with out preservatives. Remember the faces of pleasure you made when as you drank those sweetened beverages when you were younger? Relive those precious childhood moments with Haven’Tea’s Bubble tea! We guarantee to leave you nostalgic and experience the same amount of endorphins rushing through your veins.



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